The word blog is an acronym for a web blog. The term weblog was first used almost 24 years ago, on December 16, 1997. A blog is a collection of articles, pictures, other blogs, web pages, and links to other websites on the subject. What you are reading now is also included in the blog. Bloggers create a blog and post it on the blog or write various articles on that blog.

In this article, we are going to learn a lot about blogging. So, let’s get started without delay!


If you want to start blogging, you have to focus on several topics. Now, we are going to learn about these.


To blog, you must first select a niche. That is to choose what you will work on. Will you work on a specific topic? It is better to start with something simple at first.


After selecting a topic to work on, you need to research that topic. For example: what are the sites on that topic, their ranking, how many visitors? How many articles? How to do content, where visitors are coming from, etc., must be researched. If there is more competition in your selected niche, getting your ranking won’t be easy. And not getting your order means not getting your visitors. So, we need to research these issues.


Once Nice Research is complete, the next step is to choose a name. Decide the name of your blog site. When fixing a name, check if the domain is registered with that name. If not, you can use that name.

Select a platform
Now you have to select which platform you will start with. Currently, two platforms are the most popular.

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress

There’re some other web builders in the internet world, such as Wix, Weebly, etc.
If you do not have the desire or ability to spend money, you can start with Blogger. However, you will not get many benefits here, which you will get in WordPress. Bloggers are fine for blogging in general. But, if you want to do advanced-level blogging, you can start with WordPress with domain hosting by spending a little money. And you can do it with Blogger, but it would be better to spend on domain hosting.

Create your site
Once you have selected your platform, create your site with the domain-hosting you need. Do it yourself if you can. Otherwise, build with a good web developer. Make sure that the design of the site is not extraneous. The site should be very light. The contents are easy to read. The site should be user-friendly. Do these things properly.

Publish content
Once the site is created, you can publish your content or articles. Please read the article carefully a few times before publishing. If there is any mistake, correct it. If you need to add more, do so. Then publish the content.

You just wrote the article and published it will not work. You need to SEO your site and content. SEO is search engine optimization. That is, showing your site and site content in the top search results of various search engines. If you do not do SEO properly, then you will not get ranking. There are usually no visitors without rankings. So it would be best if you did SEO correctly.


There are thousands of ways to earn money by blogging. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. For this, you need to have a lot of visitors to your site. You have to look for good content. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Let’s learn about some of the mediums.

Google AdSense: Google AdSense is one of the largest and most famous advertising companies. If your site is good quality, you can apply to show ads on your website in Google Adsense. Then they will look at your site and approve if everything is OK. Now you can earn a good amount of money by placing their ads on your site. There are many more advertisers besides Google Adsense. However, this is the most popular.

Sponsor Ad: Your site has good quality and exemplary visitors. Many companies will inbox you to promote their product on your site. You can get a large amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing: Nowadays, like all other marketing, affiliate marketing has become much more popular. Affiliate marketing is about being the second person to sell their products to a third person. That means you have promoted any product of any company on your site. One of the visitors went to the shop and bought the product. They will pay you a certain amount for the product purchased through you. This way, you can earn a good amount of money through your blog site.

Sell your products: Suppose you have any products you can sell on the site. Even if there is no other product, you can earn money by selling your books, PDFs, videos, courses, anything on the site.

Sell other services: When your site becomes a professional blogging site, many people will want to make backlinks, content, or other services from you, through which you can also earn money.

There are many more ways to earn money that can change earning status. So, don’t be late to start blogging.


To create a website, you need to give your website a name. And that name of the website is called domain. A domain is a name by which people will find your website. For example, we see Facebook with We can discover Google with The name by which a person will visit your website is the domain of your website. Domains will not only be with .com. Different types of websites use different types of domains. Everyone uses .com for business or general use. However, people use other domain extensions for different kinds of websites such as: .org for organization, .net for networking site, .info for information site, and many more.
The domain mentioned above is a premium domain. If you want to use these on your website, you have to pay. Usually, the price of such a domain is between $10-$24 for one year.

Hosting or web hosting is a service through which your website will be running forever. You can also display the website worldwide. You need a space to keep your website content, images, videos, and various files running 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. And that designated space or place is called website hosting or web hosting. Hosting is usually called a server, and sometimes it is also called a web server.


When writing content like a pro-level writer, there are several essential things to keep in mind. A lot of times we can’t do these things properly. Then there is the need for AI systems, software, or specialized tools. Again, SEO, keyword research, or any other technical side work is not possible without tools.

  1. Grammarly
    Many times grammar mistakes are made while writing articles in English. Due to which the value of the article is lost. That is why it is imperative to keep the grammar correct. The tool that will help you the most, in this case, is Grammarly. I have been using this tool for a long time. The tool has given me more confidence, and I have been able to do my best in content writing.
    The main features of Grammarly are:
  • Automatic grammar checking.
  • Will easily detect plagiarism.
  • Free will help you as a writing assistant.

In this tool, you will get three versions: Free, Premium, and Business.

  1. ProWritingAid
    ProWritingAid is one of the AI tools for content writing. This will enrich the quality of your writing. ProWritingAid plays a vital role, especially in resolving linguistic errors. This software will make your article more attractive to the reader. It will provide extra help to make your editing fun, interactive and instructive. So, start using the ProWritingAid tool today without delay and give a different dimension to the writing quality. As far as domain and hosting are concerned.
  2. Semursh
    Semrush is a little tool that helps you to optimize your website for search engines. In a word, it is an SEO audit tool. Let’s take a look at the main features of this tool in a moment
  • Domain Analysis.
  • Particular keyword research and keyword suggestions.
  • Backlink analysis.
  • They have broken link building.
  • Tracking position of competitors.

I would say, as pro content, you should use this online software. Because with this, you can take your website a long way.

  1. Surfer

I think Surfer’s Content Editor is an excellent tool for creating SEO-friendly content. When you write content, Surfer will focus on keyword density, word limit, readability. The benefits that you will get here are:

  • Keyword research tool.
  • Content editor.
  • Built-in natural language processing feature.
  • SEO support.

There are three versions of Surfer: Basic ($ 59), Pro ($ 99), and Business ($ 199).


You see, if you want to be a professional blogger, you should never blog for free. Because if you’re going to get something good, you have to spend some money. You should spend some money on a domain, hosting, theme, plugin, and template because paid services are high quality. But, you will not get professional quality service for free. So if you want to make your blogging journey colorful, you must spend money. So I would say you can take your blog site a long way by paying a certain amount every year. You can start blogging for free, but it would be wrong to continue.


After reading the post above, I hope you know a bit about blogging. Also, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments. I will earnestly try to answer your question. Best wishes in advance for your blogging journey. Today’s article is so far. If you have learned anything new through this article, don’t forget to share.


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