Weakness of Girls Every Guy Should Know


The first thing that girls look for in guys is someone who makes them feel special. Here in this article we will discuss about weakness of girls every guy should know.

If you’ve been in a relationship with a girl, you’d know how hard it is trying to figure out what she wants. What makes her happy? What frustrates her? You see, women need constant reassurance that they are being loved and cared for. They are insecure creatures who do not know how to love or be loved at times. With so many different ways men think to show different forms of love towards their lady, knowing the weak spots of women is much more helpful when understanding how to make an attractive woman happier with you.

Weakness of Girls Every Guy Should Know

Girls can be hard to understand. They’re very emotional, they don’t always want to talk about things, and they change a lot. But if you treat them like the people they are and don’t try to force them into something they’re not ready for, they’ll return the favour by being there for you when you need it. If you want to make yourself a girl’s weakness then here are a few tips through which you can do so.

Good Supportive Behaviour

The first step to becoming a girl’s weakness is to be supportive of them. This can be in the form of offering your time, money or knowledge. When you are giving the support you must ask for their permission before doing so. You can also show concern for them by listening to their problems and offering solutions.

Being Concerned About Them

It’s important to be concerned about your girl because this is the thing that attract a men to women. This can mean being concerned about their emotional well-being, their physical health and the way they are with other people. It is also important to show concern for their family members and friends as well.

Being Kind to Everyone Around You

Being kind and patient is one of the best ways to attract women. It’s also a great way to show that you’re not a jerk, which makes women more attracted to you. Girls have a natural tendency to be drawn toward men who are nice and friendly, so if you can show that quality in yourself, then it’ll be easier for her to see your strengths as well.

Being Proud of Her Victories

Another step to becoming a girl’s weakness is to be proud of her achievements. You should always be telling your girl that she is doing a great job and why she should continue doing so. If she has done something great and you praise her, then there will be no reason for her to feel insecure or inferior. The next step is to make sure that she knows what she has done right. This way, there will be no room for people who may try to make fun of her.

Giving Her Constant Appreciation

You have to show your appreciation for all the good things that your girl does for you. Don’t just say “thank you” when she does something nice for you; instead, show it with words and gestures as well this is a great way to talk to a girl you like. Every time she does something right, make sure that you praise her, tell her that it was very nice and make sure that she knows that what she did was great. This will increase her confidence and make her feel loved by you which will help in making your relationship stronger with each other.

Providing Unconditional Love

Girls need to be loved unconditionally. This can be done in several ways. One way is by simply being there for them and listening to what they are saying. Another way is by doing something nice for them, such as buying them a gift or taking them out to dinner. Lastly, you can show your love by sacrificing your own needs, desires and wants for theirs. This is a thing that attract a men to women. For example, if your daughter needs a new pair of shoes, but you don’t have any money at the moment, offer to pay half of the bill once the shoes arrive at their house.


We hope that this was helpful to you. If you want to learn as much as possible about girls, keep reading. While guys may know more than their fair share about how to seduce women, learning their weaknesses should give you even more of an advantage. Hopefully, the next time you meet a girl who makes your head spin, you’ll be able to put these tips into practice and sweep her off her feet – or risk getting swept off yours by her with different forms of love. Or you can also go for couples therapy sessions to get expert help.