How to Memorize long answers quickly


How to Memorize long answers quickly: Hello everyone. As we all know, exams are on its way and you must have started your preparation. If you wish to score good marks in the exam, then you will have to complete the long answers first because they consist of more marks as compared to other questions. 

How to Memorize long answers quickly

But learning long, long answers can be the most daunting task. The word long itself gives nightmares to many students. But hey, we are here today. In this article, we are going to give you some tips that will help you to memorize long answers quickly and also you will be able to remember it till the exam. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

 Read answers twice

 Tip number one is to read answers twice whenever you sit to study. First, try reading the question and understand what it means and what the question is asking. After that, quickly skim through the answers to get an understanding of what the context is. Once done, again skim through the answer, but this time read it carefully and highlight the important lines in the answer. Doing this will give you clarity on what you have to study.

 Understand the logic

 Tip number two understand the logic after reading the answer, try understanding the concept. Doing this will give you an idea of what you are learning. You can also translate the answers in your mother tongue to understand it better. This tip not only will help you in memorizing, but also in remembering the information till the exam.

 Split the Answers

 Tip number three split the answer for better understanding, split the answer in three sections. That is, the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. Read the answers in that order only and if you want, you can also split the sections into multiple points for better understanding. This will definitely make your process of learning long answers easily.

Learn Step by Step

 Tip number four learn step by Step after splitting, start reading the introduction part loudly till you read it without taking a look at the paper.

Once done, apply this method to the.

Main part and the conclusion. After completing three sections, start reading all the three sections again, but this time without looking at the paper. In case you forgot anything, take a glance at the paper and continue reading.

Write it Down

 Tip number five write it down after. Memorizing the answer, take a short test. And write down the answer that you have learned without taking a look at the paper. Once done, review it yourself and search for the mistake and learn from them. This tip is very beneficial because it has been proven by many researchers that writing helps in grasping information quickly and also it helps in long-term retention of knowledge.

Revise Effectively

 Tip number six revise effectively. Most of the students just learn the information and neglect revising it due to which they forget the information till the exam. So revise it effectively for long-term retention. Revise it after 48 hours, after one week, and then after 15 days. Doing this will help the brain to transform the information from short-term memory to long-term memory.

 Note it down on chart paper

 Tip number seven note it down on chart papers. After writing down and revising the answer.

Pat yourself because you have successfully memorized. The answer, but to remember it is the exam. Take a chart paper and write it down. The key points that you have highlighted in your answer.

After doing that, stick that chart paper in your hall room or near your study table daily. Take a look at the chart paper at least three times a day to lock it in the long-term memory. Have a look at it when you wake up in the afternoon and before going to bed.


So these are the seven tips that will help you to memorize long answers quickly. We guarantee you that once you imply these tips while studying, memorizing long answers will not be daunting at all. Also, if you’re facing any problems while studying, then do tell us in the comments box. Thank you and best of luck with your exams.

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